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Engaging Cyber Bullying Video for Middle and High School SEL Lessons

Engaging Cyber Bullying Video for Middle and High School SEL Lessons

Looking for an engaging video to supplement your bullying prevention lessons for middle and high school students? This video is a great way capture the attention of your students and illustrate the effects of cyber bullying.

Produced by Strutt Central, this PSA cleverly depicts cyber bullying as a virus which spreads and infects others. The video’s use of powerful images and eerie tones make the PSA feel like a compelling movie trailer.

The video tells the story of Jane who suffers through a barrage of cruel social media posts, but ultimately recovers through the support of others who take a stand against the bullying behavior. It concludes with a few notable statistics on cyber bullying as well as a call to support Pink Shirt Day.

At just over 4 minutes, the video doesn’t contain enough content to fill a whole lesson. However it can be an effective intro or piece of a bullying lesson, school assembly, or parent information night.

Finding material that engages middle and high school students is challenging. This video succeeds in presenting information in an interesting and novel way that’s sure to grab the attention of middle and high school students.

My only criticism is the video’s use of Facebook as a social media example. Most youth have moved to apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Snap Chat for electronic communication.

Cyber Bullying Virus Video

The PSA was produced by Strutt Central to support Pink Shirt Day and spread awareness on cyber bullying.

Do you use a video or other engaging content for bullying prevention with students? We’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment.

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Scott Carchedi

Scott Carchedi is co-editor and webmaster of SSWN. He previously served on the Board of the Illinois Association of School Social Workers and continues to provide consultative services to IASSW on technology. Scott is a school social worker in the western suburbs of Chicago, serving grades 8-12.

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