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Author: Michele Patak-Pietrafesa

Building Family Engagement with “Cultural Brokering”

 Ishimaru, A.M., Torres, K.E., Salvador, J.E., Lott, J, II., & Tran, C. (2016). Reinforcing deficit, journeying toward equity: Cultural brokering in family engagement initiatives. American Educational Research Journal, 53(4), 850-882. doi: 10.3102/0002831216657178 What is the study about? Parent-engagement efforts in schools often discount the cultural resources of minority families. This study explored the roles and actions of individuals hired by schools to increase parent engagement through “cultural brokering”. Cultural brokering: may take the form of helping families translate and rehearse the behaviors & communication styles of the dominant culture, providing access to institutionally based networks, & integrating the cultural...

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