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Author: Michael Kelly

Sharing Research that Matters: Announcing our Research Briefs for School Social Workers

School social workers are busy people. Finding good research takes time. We want to help. Starting in December, we will post  Research Briefs (RBs) each week. These RBs will be completed by school social workers like you, taking research they’ve found and applying it to their school contexts.  These RBs will describe research articles and what the particular study could contribute to your school social work practice, starting as soon as tomorrow. They will cover the kinds of things you see every day in your practice and (hopefully) be written in a way that you can use the information...

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Free Article Of The Week: Getting EBP Right In Schools

Anxiety is a significant problem for youth, and routinely is in the top 5 of all the school-based clinical issues that I consult with school social workers to help them address.  One of the better-known evidence-based practice (EBP) programs to address anxiety in schools is the FRIENDS Program, developed by Dr. Paula Barrett.  This article from our featured journal School Mental Health, written by Skryabina et al., “Child, Teacher and Parent Perceptions of the FRIENDS Classroom-Based Universal Anxiety Prevention Programme: A Qualitative Study,” offers one of the most detailed qualitative explorations yet of the program and the challenges it...

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Featured Journal: School Mental Health Journal

Our next featured journal is one that I’ve been directly involved in over the past 7 years, as both an author and now as an Associate Editor,  School Mental Health Journal.  In existence since 2009, the journal has established itself as a go-to resource for multiple disciplines who are exploring what works in school mental health. In this journal, you will find articles written by researchers in social work, psychology, education, and other school mental health fields, many of them writing about interventions and specific school populations that school social workers serve every day. Starting today, we will feature...

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Evidence For Yoga And Mindfulness In Schools

As we wind up this month with Advances in School Mental Health Promotion Journal , we turn to a topic that is very much in the news:  bringing Yoga and Mindfulness practices into schools, and applying these techniques to school mental health.  This week brings us three pieces dealing with different components of developing and implementing these interventions: A study on developing a 20-session yoga intervention for at-risk high school youth that showed “students reported improved mood and a high degree of satisfaction with the intervention” but also showed the logistical challenges involved in doing Yoga as an intervention in a real-world...

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What Are School Social Work’s Grand Challenges? A SSWN Research, Training, and Practice Forum for 2017

This post will kick-off a regular series in our “Research That Matters” section here at SSWN, starting now through 2017.  Each post will address what we see as the “Grand Challenges” facing school social work today, drawing in part on the Grand Challenges framework initiated by social work researchers at the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare .  Part 1:  Identifying The Training Needs for School Social Workers In 2017   will address what current research tells us are some of the major training and practice needs for school social workers here in the U.S.  Part 2:  Building...

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