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Author: Charles Barr

Privatization of Education and Ethics

Many folks are unaware of the words “Private Day School”, in and out of the educational world. Private Day schools are used for students that are beyond struggling to make it in the public education settings (even with assistance of special education) or have significant medical concerns. These schools are not managed by school districts but by private companies and in some cases publicly traded companies. Presently, Private Day schools have the wind at their backs and are using that momentum to expand all throughout the nation. As the educational world continues to morph and specific diagnosis become more prevalent, the demand for ‘creative’ educational spaces increases. It...

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The Dark Side of Nostalgia Part 2

In my previous post, I discussed the temptations and faults of over-indulging in “Golden Age” thinking. In part two, I will discuss the task of subverting that mindset for the sake of progress. A key step in defeating feelings of powerlessness is by engaging in ‘Mindful Thinking’ and recognizing our own ‘Mindless’ behaviors and thinking. In Ellen Langer’s book, “The Power of Mindful Learning,” she defines the concepts of mindfulness and mindlessness: “A mindful approach to any activity has three characteristics: the continuous creation of new categories; openness to new information; and the implicit awareness of more than one...

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The Dark Side of Nostalgia

“Kids used to be better.” “Parenting nowadays, makes it impossible to educate children.” “The system is broken and there is nothing we can do about.” Heard any of these lately? One of the most prevalent conversations in education appears to be about nostalgia.  This lunchroom departure or social media rant seems to be more popular as of late. It’s a common misconception that the elements of the past would remedy our current educational problems. “If only students were more like…”, “Twenty years ago parents…”, “Administrators used to…” “This generation is lazier than…” You get the point. Time talking about the...

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