Where to Find Evidence-Based Interventions

Searching for and evaluating research based interventions are important steps of the evidence-based practice process. Being a graduate student affords me the access to comprehensive online article databases through my university. Throughout my field experiences, I have turned to this resource to identify research supported interventions and practices.

But what will I do after I graduate and my remote access to the databases is cut off?

The Cochrane Collaboration and The Campbell Collaboration are resources that are often mentioned in research classes, but are there more?

Yes! Many, many more.

The Social Work Policy Institute has compiled a list of 15 databases and registries for evidence-based interventions and a number other web resources to stay abreast of current research in the areas of interest to social workers. You can access the page here.

Admittedly, these sites cannot completely replace the power of a university’s online database, however they are great free alternatives.

Do you have a resource for finding and evaluating evidence-based interventions that I didn’t mention? Please leave a comment.


Author: Scott Carchedi

Scott Carchedi is the owner and editor of SchoolSocialWork.net and SocialWorkJobSpot.com. He currently serves on the Board of the Illinois Association of School Social Workers and is a school social worker in the western suburbs of Chicago, serving grades K-12.

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